Functional clothing

Functional clothing in the Aquavento online shop

As a sailor you need good functional clothing that keeps you warm and dry - who would know that better than long-time regatta sailors like us at Aquavento. But sailing clothing should not only protect you from wind and water, but also create a pleasant skin climate. That's why functional clothing is especially important for sailing, because it guarantees optimal breathability. However, in order for all the properties of the clothing to be effective, the three-layer principle - also known as the onion principle - is necessary. At you will find suitable sailing clothing for each layer from well-known and high-quality brands like Gill, Slam and MUSTO. So take your time to browse through our online shop and put together your complete outfit for the next trip.

The first layer of functional clothing - weather protection clothing from Aquavento

The first layer, the base layer, consists of the functional underwear. Here, Slam, Gill as well as MUSTO offer tops, trousers and socks, which we carry here in our online shop. The base layer of functional clothing has the task of transporting moisture away from the skin into the next layer of clothing. This way, the skin climate always stays pleasantly dry. This is especially important when sailing, because here there is a rapid change from strong physical activity and rest phases. That's why functional underwear must absorb and transfer moisture and dry quickly. The thermal underwear is characterized by a high wearing comfort and keeps us sailors warm in any weather on the high seas.

Optimum insulation is provided by the middle layer of sailing clothing

The middle layer, also called insulation layer or midlayer, has the task to protect the body from cold and to keep it warm. Therefore, this layer must not only be breathable, but also thermally insulating. The functional clothing for this layer must therefore consist of fibres that allow water vapour to pass through, absorb hardly any moisture and also dry again quickly. These properties can only be provided by synthetic fibres, as cotton would interrupt the transport of moisture. Fleece or softshell clothing is the best choice here and has excellent insulation and warmth properties, which results from the special structure of the polyester fibre. This allows it to trap a large amount of air. In addition, fleece is an extremely lightweight material that is particularly breathable, dries quickly and is very durable. Again, we offer various functional clothing in the form of jackets, pants, sweaters or salopettes from Gill, Slam and MUSTO.

The last layer of functional clothing - weather protection clothing from Aquavento

The last layer consists of the most suitable jacket for the weather. The right functional clothing here also depends on the waters on which you are planning your sailing trip. The high seas demand much more from your clothing than the coast. Read more in our knowledge section about the choice of the oilskin, which has to be extremely robust in order to protect us permanently from wind and water. Apart from that, the sailing clothing from always offers you the necessary freedom of movement. So you can enjoy every moment of sailing, because as an old sailing proverb says: There is no bad weather, only bad clothes! Here in our online shop you will find high-quality functional clothing for sailing for the whole family. We at Aquavento dress men, ladies and also the Juniors from head to toe with suitable sailing clothing, which guarantees an unclouded sailing pleasure. As passionate sailors we wish you always a hand's breadth of water under your keel!